About Us

Quality Blends created with your health n Well-being in Mind

(last updated 03.09.2020)


Our vision is to provide high quality products & services, while sourcing ingredients that are sustainable and ethical & services that help raise the planets vibration & consciousness. We create awareness & education of natural and fulfilling life practices in alignment with our core values.


To provide high quality products & services to the Australian and international community. Vegan friendly, ethically sourced, with production that remains natural and pure in line with our proven original recipes & that is aligned with our vision.

We value Transparency in all aspects of our business including our marketing and advertising, to ensure the product is accessible to the wider audience and delivered with a fast-personalised efficient service.

This is all supplied with a heart centred approach toward our customers & supported charities

along with our carefully selected retailers and Distributors that are aligned with the core values of our brands.  Creating awareness & education about health, well-being throughout various streams & aligning customers with the authenticity of the blends & what the business represents.

  • Organic/Certified Organic
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ethical when it comes to the selection of herbs and where they are grown.
  • Competitive price points
  • Transparency and Authentic with Branding and marketing
  • Conscious blends for a wider Audience
  • Accessible to the wider Audience and market
  • Fast Efficient Delivery and service
  • Keeping the production simple through its growth from a small to large business
  • To offer personalised service to retailers, distributors, and customers
  • Australian made product

    From Humble Beginnings..

    About Us 

    Founded in 2010, in the home Kitchen of owner operator Cherie Davis formally The Loose Lips Tea Co. She started creating herbal tea blends & began going to local markets on the weekends to sell them in little brown paper bags with a home printed label.

    With her background in Aromatherapy, cosmetic chemistry, herbalism & floristry, she was able to create beautiful recipes, that not only looked great, but had a wonderful taste & synergy, with all the benefits.

    It was then she realised that her family, friends and newfound customers loved them so much that they wanted more & she was onto something. They offered so much moral support & motivation through this process that the hand blending continued & the business grew a little more.

    This continued for some time going to markets & signing on some wholesale customers here and there. 

    It wasn’t until around 2015/2016 a few years later when she decided to work full time in her tea business, a collaboration began between Cherie & one of her retailers. Together they came up with the My Organic Tea Range. A functional range focused on health and well-being.

    With continued persistence the My Organic Tea range began to really gain some traction. 

    Now shipping out not only Australia wide but also globally to many countries including the USA, UK, Europe, parts of Asia & now Canada.

    The My Organic Tea range has been the driving force & it was in late 2017 when The Loose Lips Tea Co went from a farmer’s market-based business to both an national & international manufacturer or tea blends. This was when the business re invented itself & decided that it needed a name that matched the international image, this is when it became OrganiTea Australia. 

    The My Organic Tea range is one of the brands under the OrganiTea Australia banner.

    You only have to check out the Facebook page and online to see the feedback and that we are a small business with good intentions and a big heart.

    Everything is hand blended on the Mornington Peninsula the now as of OrganiTea Australia is a brand that you will come to love and enjoy.
    The Authenticity shines through every cup.
    Stay tuned because there is so much to come.
    Please feel free to make any inquiries about the products.
    Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy journeying with OrganiTea Australia

    A Little Bit More

    Date Started: November 2010
    Email: info@organiteaaustralia.com.au

    Manufacture: 29 Lobelia Drive, Altona North, Victoria 3025

    Operation: Owner/operator

    Streams: Online, Retailers, Distributors, Export, Markets, Expo’s, Fairs, charity events, private label

    Packaging: BPA free & recycled and Made in Melbourne

    Ingredients: Organic & Certified Organic, Local and imported ingredients

    Claims: Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Made in Australia, not irradiated, GMO free.