Q: Is My Organic Tea Safe?

A: The product is 100% safe. People with allergies and those on medication may wish to discuss the product with their chosen Health Professional


Q: Has MY TEA products been tested by the food and drug authority.

A: They have not been tested, check the Masterclass page for a list of herbs we use.


Q; How much tea do I need to use?

A: One heaped tea spoon will do the trick.


Q: How long should I brew MY TEA?

A: For hot tea steep for 2-5 minutes (use water at approximately 80 degrees C) and for cold steep for 8 -12 hours, for full benefit, but for a quick infusion 1/2 hour (USE COLD WATER).


Q: What should I do with the used tea leaves?

A: They are a great tonic for your garden, you can also re use your tea leaves up to 3 times. We use only the highest quality ingredients and you should be able to squeeze a few brews out of these amazing herbs.


Q: Is My Organic Tea Organic?

A: Yes, where we can source organic and certified organic we do. 


Q: Is My Organic Tea Gluten Free?

A: Yes. It is, it is also Preservative free, Toxin Free, and Dairy Free. There is however coconut and organic dried fruit in some of the blends, 

They are:

My liver Tea

My Slimtox Tea for Men and women


Q: I am a Vegan; can I drink this tea?

A: No problem, all our teas are Vegan Friendly as well as Vegetarian.


Q: I am pregnant; can I drink your tea?

A: Unfortunately there are only a couple of blends safe for pregnancy, sorry ladies. We do not recommend that you use any of the other blends whilst pregnant or breastfeeding apart from the following:

The Safe blends are

My Nausea Tea

My Childrens Tea

My Peppermint Tea

Then when breastfeeding

 My Lactation Tea


Q: I see it is an Australian made product are all the herbs grown in Australia.

A:  Short answer NO, we try and use as much as possible from our local farmers but some of the herbs are imported simply because the produce is not grown in Australia.


Q: What does the My Organic Tea Range taste like?

A: Very nice in deed, we've formulated the blends in a way that they are palpable & good for you all at the same time. Your welcome to ask for a sample to try before you buy. Up to 2 samples free of charge. 

Q: How long should I use them for?

A: It really depends on the blend, some of the blends will have an immediate effect, such as My Sleep Tea, My Anxiety Tea, My Energy Tea, My Tummy Tea, there are other blends in the range that work more effectively when taken consistently. Such as the My Arthritis blend, My Tinnitus, My Focus, My liver, My Kidney, just to name a few. Our herbalist Cherri recommends that you perhaps work to something as follows to gain the greatest amount of benefits:

Options 1

Mon to Friday-Take the blends

Sat/Sun-take a break

Option 2

For every month-take one week break


Q: I would like to sell the teas in my store, can I buy the wholesale.

A: Sure can, just drop us a line or head to our Authorised Stockists page and contact one of our distributors directly


Q: how long does shipping take?

A: Please refer to the shipping page


Q: how do I find out about Privacy and what you do with my information

A: We do not keep any financial details, you can refer to our policy page for more details


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This
product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease.

 Last updated on the 29.07.19

If you'd like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact Cherri at info@organiteaaustralia.com.au she will be more than happy to help