Organitea Wholesale

Our products are made with LOVE and JOY and what is truly special is the hand blended tea that we are proud of. Besides making a product that is beneficial to our health and well being, the passion and love for our products has led us to produce these teas. Our dream is to continue to share our tea with everyone who understands our passion for a healthy living through a cup of tea.

If you are looking for functional tea that gives great benefits to your customers, tea that leaves an impression and keeps coming back for more, Organitea might be the right fit for you. We have various blends, both functional and generic to suit your customers' needs. We are more than happy for you to try us out with minimum MOQ (shipping excluded).

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Terms & Conditions:

*MOQ is $200 per order

*No minimum order per blend. Mixing is allowed.

*Payment is required upon ordering

*Delivery is approximately 5 working days