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Organitea Australia

My Cholesterol Tea 80 Grams (Approx. 30 Serves) Organic Tea Australia

My Cholesterol Tea 80 Grams (Approx. 30 Serves) Organic Tea Australia

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My Cholesterol Tea


When purchasing Organic Tea it’s important to us that you understand what you are buying and why our products are amongst some of the best organic tea products online today.

There are a couple of areas I’d like to cover with you here on this product page dedicated to My Cholesterol Tea.

Why is my Cholesterol tea so good?

It is a blend that is synergistically balanced & is gentle, nurturing and loving for your cardiovascular system.

When it comes to all our product offerings they come from a space that is holistic by nature. They are not allopathic formulas, “this herb is for that condition or symptom’. 

Our approach is from a holistic perspective & every ingredient in this blend is considered for the whole, taking into account all the bodies systems: the nervous, the digestive, vascular, skeletal, immune, muscular, lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, reproductive & excretory systems.

Although blended and created penultimately for assisting to reduce cholesterol &/or similar conditions we must also remember that not all blends are for all people & that it’s worth considering all the options in the other ranges as you may find something that you gravitate more to & as a holistic herbalist who works with the energetics of the plants medicine, I would say follow that gut feeling of where you are being intuitively guided too.

How can My Cholesterol  tea Assist & what this product is-

  • We recommended this blend to those wanting to add to their current lifestyle, Something more of a tonic by its essence and something that is gentle and passive. 
  • For those who enjoy a cuppa and prefer a natural alternative to maintain good cholesterol health
  • This blend is beneficial in the long term and may assist at reducing bad cholesterol in the body
  • This product is recommended on a more consistent basis to experience the long term benefits
  • This is an extremely gentle formula and is safe for most people
  • This blend is packed with Vitamins and minerals to support you 
  • This blend may be beneficial in lowering your blood pressure

Where it is not recommended & what this product is not-

  • This blend is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • This is not a supplement or replacement for more serious conditions that require medical attention
  • Not recommended for Children
  • Not recommended for really low blood pressure or people with caffeine sensitivity 

If you would like to do some further reading on the herbs we use and prefer to work with, you can check out some of the resource pages on this website that go into greater detail about each individual herb.

(please note that we are currently updating the website and not all resources may be available at this time, do not hesitate to contact Cherie-Ashana Directly at or on the 1300 number)


  • This product contains Caffeine derived from Sencha green tea
  • Take this blend on a consistent basis to experience the long term benefits.
  • You do not have to have Cholesterol or higher blood pressure to enjoy this blend

My Cholesterol tea formula from one of the best organic Tea Suppliers, OrganiTea Australia, is highly recommended for Healthy individuals who would like to maintain a preventative lifestyle & to help you to maintain stress free periods in your life from symptoms related to blood pressure and cholesterol, with herbs that support your body that are safe and effectively.

A busy lifestyle and daily pressures may cause feelings of anxiousness. Maintaining good mental health is key to feeling balanced, calm and happy. 

All of the OrganiTea Products are formulated by the founder of the Brand herself, Cherie, Herbalist, advanced physical Iridologist, Holistic herbalist & transformational Alchemy Practitioner.

Nutty/earthy undertones-

Delivering a slight earthy & grounding sense

Sencha Green tea, Globe Artichoke, Echinacea, 


A hint of sweetness

Licorice Root


Aromatic & bitter tonic

Hibiscus, Hawthorn Berries 

The ingredients in this blend are powerful florals, herbs and Roots, all great choices for assisting with mild Cholesterol, high Blood Pressure and a blood tonic in general. With immune boosting herbs to keep you balanced and on track.  Most customers find this blend slightly bitter sweet, with a hint of citrus from the Hibiscus, it will turn your brew a gorgeous pink colour and is packed with antioxidants.

If you'd like to find out more details about the ingredients head to the master class page

Seeking to lower your Cholesterol and high blood pressure then you can’t go wrong with My Cholesterol Tea, A Quality Blend for your health & wellbeing


1.Place 1 heaped teaspoon of My Cholesterol Tea per cup in an infuser (you can find these in our accessories section on the website), if using a teapot add a heaped teaspoon as per how many cups the teapot holds

  1. Boil water to around 90 degrees
  2. Pour boiled water over the loose leaf
  3. Allow to infuser for 3-5 minutes or until desired strength has been reached
  4. Either remove the infuser and enough your brew or leave in for the entire duration

Creators Recommendations

  1. Once finished with the loose leaf, try pouring the leaves on the garden, your plants will love you for it :-)
  2. Did you know that you can reuse your leaves up to three times, so keep your infuser aside & get the most out of those leaves
  3. Did you know that you can consume this brew hot or cold? If you're looking to make a cold brew, follow the directions above and then leave the Herbal tea blend  aside to chill in the fridge. How wonderful in Summer a functional tea that's not only good for you but has amazing benefits. Try adding some of your favourite Organic Fruits.
  4. If you love it so much just keep topping up, that's what I do

 Happy sipping Friends 



For the greatest benefits & best absorption we recommend following one of the following methods

  • Monday to Friday every evening with a break on Saturday & Sunday
  • One month on 1 week off

This allows for greater absorption of the herbs without flooding the system


  • We recommend that you refrain from using any electronic equipment a few hours before bedtime
  • Limit the amount caffeine, sugar and alcohol consumed
  • Quiet reading or taking a warm bath is also great to switch off and relax
  • Try some meditation or a walk to take you mind off the day
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