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My Energy Tea 60 Grams (Approx. 30 Serves) Organic Tea Australia

My Energy Tea 60 Grams (Approx. 30 Serves) Organic Tea Australia

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My Energy Tea


When purchasing Organic Tea it’s important to us that you understand what you are buying and why our products are amongst some of the best organic tea products online today.

There are a couple of areas I’d like to cover with you here on this product page dedicated to My Energy Tea.

Why is my Energy tea so good?

It is a blend that is synergistic by nature & especially balancing to assist the body with harmonizing the energy levels in a way that is gentle, nurturing and loving.

When it comes to all our product offerings they come from a space that is holistic by nature. They are not allopathic formulas, “this herb is for that condition or symptom”. 

Our approach is from a holistic perspective & every ingredient in this blend is considered for the whole, taking into account all the bodies systems: the nervous, the digestive, vascular, skeletal, immune, muscular, lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, reproductive & excretory systems.

Although blended and created penultimately forEnergy production, I’d like to make it clear that not all blends are for all people & that it’s worth considering all the options in the Energising range as you may find something that you gravitate more to & as a holistic herbalist who works with the energetics of the plants medicine, I would say follow that gut feeling of where you are being intuitively guided too.

How can My Energy Tea may assist Assist & what this product is-

  • We recommended this blend to those wanting to add to their current lifestyle, Something more of a tonic by its essence and something that is gentle and passive. 
  • For those who enjoy a cuppa & a coffee alternative that is fat acting & can be consumed if and when required
  • Those seeking a natural, gentle, holistic formula that also provides benefits through consuming  that on the whole will make you feel alert and to be able to move through your day with clarity; then this blend is for you.
  • Although this is a blend based on Energy, it is also a blend that also looks at cell protection and production. Micro dosing of the energetics of this blend can assist in building up and protecting our cells (if would like to do further reading on micro dosing please refer to the resources or book in a 1:1 consult with Cherie to talk about how these herbs can add value to your life)

Where it is not recommended & what this product is not-

  • This blend is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • This is not recommended for those who are currently taking heavy sedatives like valium and other tranquilisers
  • This is not recommended as a replacement for balancing your body at a holistic level, which means as a way of example, taking the Energy Tea in the morning and then the sleeping tea at night. If you are struggling with this sort of pattern, we recommend booking in with Cherie for a 1:1 consult to look into the root cause and how to shift this pattern) 
  • This is not a substitute for a balanced lifestyle and we recommend that you look at your food and lifestyle choices if you are struggling with Energy and sustainable energy throughout the day
  • This is not a supplement or replacement for more serious conditions that require medical attention
  • This is not recommended for anyone with Adrenal fatigue/overload, burn out, stress, overwhelm, anxiety & any form of immunal disorder.
  • This blend is not recommended if you have heart conditions, palpitations or high blood pressure.
  • If you struggle with low iron, we recommend staying away from any blends with Green tea or higher amounts of caffeine 

If you would like to do some further reading on the herbs we use and prefer to work with, you can check out some of the resource pages on this website that go into greater detail about each individual herb.

(please note that we are currently updating the website and not all resources may be available at this time, do not hesitate to contact Cherie-Ashana Directly at or on the 1300 number)


  • This Product contains a small amount of Caffeine derived from the ingredients of Sencha green tea and the Yerba Mate.
  • Take when required 
  • You do not have to have to be lacking in energy to enjoy this blend it’s great for Focus too

This delightful blend harmoniously brings together the flowers, the trees from far reaching corners of the globe.

Organically (where possible) & ethically sourced ingredients blended together synergistically to bring you a delicately deep mix to tickle your sense, experience a raising of your vibration & a clearing of the mind

The intention behind this blend is to assist you with feeling more uplifted in your day, offered up as a coffee alternative with less caffeine & more health benefits. This beautiful blend is one of those that offers a sense of well being & harmony,

My Energy Tea has proven itself repeatedly for so many of our customers all over the world. We maintain simple procedures & processes when it comes to blending & packaging, as we feel that this is an important part of why our products sell so well.

Not only is this blend pleasing on the eye. It tastes great & is packed with health benefits, we believe that herbal tea is a way of adding extra goodness to your body in the simplest of ways, the ritual of drinking herbal tea can only add a positive element to your life without having to overthink it.

If you're looking for a coffee alternative and wanting to change your morning routine, or if you enjoy a mix of citrus with a hint of floral and earthy undertones. This blend is for you, it tastes great hot or cold, My Energy Tea is up there in our top 5 best.


Floral scents-

Offering up just a slight hint of floral, so subtle but powerful

Rose petals

Earthy undertones-

Delivering a slight earthiness, grounding the senses, with a hint of clarity

Siberian Ginseng, Yerba Mate, Sencha Green Tea

Citrus hints-

A beautiful balance to bring about a feeling of freshness and uplift

Lemongrass, Lime

The ingredients in this blend include adaptogens that may assist with how you deal with stress on a day to day basis

If you'd like to find out more details about the ingredients head to the master class page

Seeking more Energy and sustainability then you can’t go wrong with My Energy Tea, A Quality Blend for your health & wellbeing


My Energy Tea is recommended any time before 3.30pm (if you're caffeine sensitive) & 2-3 times per day, if you are sensitive, I would recommend only 1 cup per day

A great tea pre workout, pre study or just needing to feel more uplifted

Place one heaped teaspoon in an infuser or teapot (add at least 2 tablespoons if using a larger teapot for more than 2 cups)

Allow the kettle to boil no more than 80 degrees Celsius

Pour boiled water over in the cup or teapot

Allow too steep for a few minutes or until the desired taste is reached

Top up if desired or re use the leaves for the following evening

You can re-use your leave up to 3 times & dispose of the use leaves on the garden


*This product is for you if you enjoy green tea & love the added benefits of feeling more energised and uplifted

*This product is not for you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or allergies to any of the above herbs or flowers & do not like or want a blend with caffeine

For the greatest benefits & best absorption we recommend following one of the following methods

Monday to Friday every evening with a break on Saturday & Sunday

One month on 1 week off

This allows for greater absorption of the herbs without flooding the system

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