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My Alcohol alternative Tea 80g

My Alcohol alternative Tea 80g

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My Alcohol Alternative Tea is a blend from the MY ORGANIC TEA range and is an excellent alternative to alcohol. Instead of BEER or WINE O'clock replace that craving with a beautiful cup of herbal tea. The health benefits are too many to list.

Our Herbalist Cherie has put together a formulation that not only tastes great but will assist you through those times as you limit alcohol from your diet. 

Recommendation is a cup of My Alcohol Alternative Tea at the time that Alcohol is normally consumed.  Break the habit and rink tea.


Dandelion: Relieves diabetes assists with liver complaints. Cell regeneration, alkalizes the body. Helps keep liver in peak condition. Helps with skin conditions.

Angelica: Promotes vitality & longevity. Helps restore health. Defends against colds and flu. Calms nerves, flatulence and headaches.

Milk Thistle: Liver repair, protects from the detriment of alcohol. Increases protein synthesis in the liver. 

Ginger: Stimulates the excretion of bile, can help reduce fat absorption and lower cholesterol levels. Cleanses the body and strengthens the immune system.

Passionflower: Tranquilizing and sedative effect. Used for sleeplessness an alternative to Valium. Assists with anxiety, stress, tension, depression, nerve pain, headaches and rapid heartbeat.

Evening Primrose: Contains high doses of linoleic and GLA (gamma linolenic) the GLA in this herb helps keep the membrane wall of cells in order from attack from free radicals.

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